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Duka BG

Homeware, kitchen appliances and accessories e-commerce site and retailer with 4 branches nationwide.

🇧🇬This card is available only in Bulgaria

Total Value: BGN 50

Redeem instructions: - You can redeem the voucher at both the **DUKA physical stores in Bulgaria** and the **www.duka.bg** website.
- **Only one** voucher can be used per one order **online**.
- **Multiple** vouchers can be used per one order in the physical stores.
- In case the value of a purchase/order is less than the value of the voucher, the remaining funds can be used for future purchases/orders - **multiuse code**.
- To redeem the voucher in the DUKA physical stores, give the voucher code to the seller before making the payment.
- If the value of the order exceeds the value of the voucher, the customer can pay the difference to complete the order.
- The current value of the voucher remaining after the transaction may be used by the User during the period of validity of the voucher.
- The voucher cannot be returned or exchanged for its cash equivalent.
- For more information visit the DUKA website: https://duka.bg/index.php?route=account/voucher

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