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Give the Gift of fresh food
Looking for a gift for the foodie? Or groceries for nan? Maybe essentials for someone who’s moved out for the first time? Or a lover of snacks? What about a friend who loves to entertain? Perhaps your friendly neighbour? Whoever it may be, the Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card is the perfect gift that opens the door to fresh produce, household essentials, pantry favourites and more.
Redeemable in store or online at Woolworths stores, a Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card is a thoughtful and practical gift for everyone to enjoy.

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Total Value: XXX 1

Redeem instructions: You can redeem this Gift Card in store or online at Woolworths Supermarket
Redeem an eGift Card in store
Select 'Card' as a payment method
Scan the barcode or enter the eGift Card number (also called in store code)
You can find your eGift Card barcode, in-store number and Access Code on your email
Redeem an eGift and physical Gift Card online
Select Gift Card as a payment option
Enter the 19 digit card number, as well as the 4 digit Access Code
You can find your Online number and Access Code on reverse of the Physical Gift Card or on your eGift Card email.

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