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LC Waikiki's mission is to ensure people's good mood, offering them clothes in harmony with the style approached and the allocated budget.

🇷🇴This card is available only in Romania

Total Value: RON 100

Redeem instructions: Only a single Gift Card can be used per transaction.
The Gift Card can be used to purchase products only on the online store www.lcw.com in Romania.
The Gift Card can NOT be used to purchase products from LC Waikiki physical stores.
The amount on the card CANNOT be exchanged for other payment methods and CANNOT be transferred to other bank cards or LCW Money. In case of return, contact Lc Waikiki Customer Service and a new card will be issued for the respective value.
The Gift Card can NOT be reloaded and the amount must be consumed in full in a single transaction (if the value of the shopping basket is less than the value of the gift card, the balance of the card is not kept and is not transferred).
The Lc Waikiki Gift Card can be used together with other payment methods accepted in the online store www.lcw.com
The Gift Card CANNOT be returned and the transaction CANNOT be canceled once it has been processed, because you have come into possession of the numerical series on the Gift Card.
The Gift Card can also be used to pay for items in promotions or discounts.

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