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At Duka we know that the kitchen is not only a room where we prepare meals, eat or wash. It is also a space where family life focuses. This is where we work, rest, play with children and meet with friends. The idea of Kitchen Life confirms the role of the kitchen as the most important room in the house, where we strengthen our bonds and spend time together. It is also reflected in the products we design.

🇵🇱This card is available only in Poland

Total Value: PLN 100

Redeem instructions: "Multiple Gift Card codes can be used per one order.
In case the value of a purchase/order is less thank the value of the Gift Card code, the remaining funds can be used for future purchases/orders - multiuse code.
To redeem the Gift Card code in the DUKA stores and outlet, give the card code to the seller before making the payment.
To redeem the Gift Card code in the online store at www.duka.com you need to enter the digital card code in the field ""Card number"". (in the case of several cards, their numbers must be added consecutively) , by clicking on the ""activate"" key and then ""go ahead"".
- If the value of the order exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the customer must pay the difference to complete the order.
- The current value of the Gift Card code remaining after the transaction may be used by the User during the period of validity of the Gift Card.
- The utilization of the Gift Card codes in-store and on the gouglas.pl website is specified in the card regulations. "

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