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WeChat Pay HK

WeChat Pay HK是WeChat應用程式提供的一種付款功能,用戶只需通過智能手機進行操作,便可完成交易付款,而且過程安全、快捷。 WeChat Pay HK的使用方法簡單易用,手機應用程式無需進行額外更新及進行複雜的設置步驟,只需進行增值或綁定信用卡、銀行賬戶,即可啟用付款功能。 WeChat Pay HK is a payment function provided by WeChat. Users only need to operate with smartphones to complete the payment, and the process is simple, safe, and fast. There is no need for additional updates and complicated setup steps in the mobile app. Only need to top up, and bind a credit card or bank account to activate the payment function.

🇭🇰This card is available only in Hong Kong

Total Value: HKD 100

Redeem instructions: 1. 打開WeChat,點擊在底部的「我」 2. 點擊「服務」 3. 點擊「優惠專區」 4. 點擊「我的優惠券」 5. 點擊底部的「使用兌換碼」 6. 輸入兌換碼甘並按確認兌換 7. 成功兌換後,電子現金券會儲存於你的電子錢包內 如需使用電子現金券,請在你的電子錢包內選擇電子現金券以作交易。若然你選擇使用WeChat Pay HK作為你的交易工具,如交易金額達到或大於此電子現金券之面值,系統將會優先以電子現金券結算。請留意此兌換流程適用於線上和門市支持WeChat Pay HK的商戶使用。 1. Open the WeChat app, click 'Me' at the bottom 2. Click 'Services' 3. Click 'Offers' in the daily services section 4. Click 'My Rewards' 5. Click 'Use Redemption Code' at the bottom 6. Key in e-voucher code and confirm 7. The e-voucher will appear in your E-Wallet. To use the E-Cash Vouchers, please select the E-Cash Vouchers to confirm the transaction from your E-Wallet. The E-cash Vouchers will be triggered automatically whenever you pay with WeChat Pay HK, provided the amount of the E-cash Vouchers is met. The redemption flow remains consistent for online and offline merchants accepting WeChat Pay HK.

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