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Indulge in a delightful journey of flavors and warm hospitality with Swathi Hospitality, a leading name in the Indian hospitality industry. With a rich legacy of culinary expertise, Swathi Hospitality has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality, authenticity, and exceptional dining experiences. Whether you're craving traditional South Indian cuisine, exploring global flavors, or planning an event, Swathi Hospitality's diverse offerings ensure your taste buds are delighted and your dining experiences are memorable.

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Total Value: XXX 1

Redeem instructions: Customer must go to any of the Swati Restaurants Offline – Please refer the restaurants on- https://www.swathigroup.co.in/restuarant.php .Inform store manager on intent of using Swati Gift Card as payment mode â€ĸ Once invoice is raised – Customer must be ready with card details – Card Number ; Pin .Cashiers select Gift Card Menu in Pine Labs device – Select – Balance Enquiry – Inputs 16 Digit Card Number – System will validate the card details and display balance (merchant can also take print of charge slip) .Cashier must seek customers confirmation on amount to be redeemed – Selects Gift Card in menu bar – selects redeem option – Input 16 Digit Card number with PIN and amount to be redeemed – system will validate and redeem .On successful redemption – merchant must reduce redeemed amount from total invoice value - Customer must pay balance amount (if any) using another payment mode (Cash or Credit card) and settle invoice .Transaction gets completed on successful invoice settlement.

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