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Subway Restaurants US

With a focus on fresh ingredients, affordable prices and an extensive menu ofmade-to-order sandwiches;Subway® Restaurantshave become the leadingchoice for people seeking quick, better for you meals that the whole familycan enjoy. Having a Subway® Cardmeans always having a delicious meal rightin your pocket.

🇺🇸This card is available only in United States of America

Total Value: USD 5

Redeem instructions: Using your Subway® eGift Card is simple!1.Scan this QRCode on your phone to pay. MUST BE ONLIGHT/WHITE BACKGROUND TO SCAN. Will not work if yourdisplay is set to “Dark” mode.2.Print out this eGift Card and scan to pay (make sure your barcodeis not folded).3.Register your Subway® eGift Card and use to pay for remote orders or usein the Subway® App.Sandwich Artist®: Ring in the order as you normally would. Do not have theguest scan their eGift Card before the 'Gift Card Pay' tender key is selected. Onthe POS payment screen, select the 'Gift Card Pay' tender key. Onceprompted, have Guest scan the QR code shown on their eGift Card from theirsmart phone or via a print out of the e-Gift Card.

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