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Pacific Sogo is a department store chain, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan

🇹🇼This card is available only in Taiwan, Province of China

Total Value: TWD 1000

Redeem instructions: 請點開activation URL並輸入四位數啟動密碼開啟即享券。 結帳前請出示本券,不接受手抄或口說序號方式兌換。

1. You need to download the Far East SOGOAPP(download link: //tinyurl.com/yy2qrsju). After downloading/registering, log in the APP and click "E-coupon". The system will automatically remit the e-coupon to the member account.
2. Log in to SOGOAPP and click "E-gift Coupons" to enter the usage page
3. After entering the use page, click "Commodity Balance Certificate", enter the amount you want to use and then enter your password to complete the payment

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