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Riot Games - Valorant US

Riot Games - Valorant US

Customize your VALORANT experience based on your personal style!

Unlock Weapon Skins:
When you ace the enemy team, make sure they know you’re doing it in style. Weapon skins are designed to be cosmetic only and do not provide a positive or negative gameplay advantage.

Unlock New Agents:
Find your playstyle with one of VALORANT’s many different agents – unlockable by completing in-game contracts or purchasing them with VALORANT Points.

- The perfect gift for anyone who plays VALORANT or trying it out for the first time

- Unlocks in-game currency that can be used to purchase weapon skins and unlock new agents

🇽🇽This card is available only in

Total Value: XXX 1

Redeem instructions: Visit prepaidcards.riotgames.com to learn how to redeem your gift card.
Only redeemable on the PC version of the VALORANT client and the North American server.

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