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PlayWood manufactures furniture and accessories for the home and workplace that are environmentally friendly, recyclable and made from renewable sources. PlayWood was created to offer a more sustainable approach to disposable furniture and to meet the flexibility needs of modern life. They design according to the principles of eco-design: furniture should be durable and not destined for landfill. That's why each piece of furniture is modular, so it can be easily changed to different configurations and is easy to transport. Their aim is to offer high quality products, made with passion and respect for tradition by skilled craftsmen, at an affordable price; this is possible thanks to direct online sales to the end customer, which avoids the inflated prices of retailers.

Craftsmanship and innovation are combined and offered at a competitive and transparent price.

PlayWood was founded in 2016 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with the aim of producing sustainable furniture that is beautiful, useful and long-lasting.

The first product we had was PlayWood ® Connectors, an assembly system that turns simple wooden boards and panels into furniture, as easily as a building set.

In 2020, the furniture series was born: sustainable furniture at affordable prices thanks to a direct sales model that shortens the path from production to the end customer.

They design each product with care and without compromising on quality, paying special attention to environmental sustainability.

They are proud to maintain production in Italy and to continue the tradition of quality, constantly developing new production systems and using the most advanced technologies to guarantee furniture of the highest quality at a competitive price on the market.

🇫🇷This card is available only in France

Total Value: EUR 50

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