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HYGGE WONDERLAND - Imagine the best Christmas ever, with all your nearest and dearest snug and cosy around a warm and welcoming fire, with the delicious, spicy, fruity smells of festive food and drink filling the air, as everyone enjoys the companionship of the season. The Danes have a word for it – “Hygge” [hue-gah]. - This year, we would love to invite you all in to our Hygge Wonderland and help you create your very own hygge moments as we welcome back our festive favourites as well as saying a jolly big ‘Hej’ to our new Christmas Brød and sweet treats which perfectly contribute to your Christmas table.

🇬🇧This card is available only in United Kingdom

Total Value: GBP 10

Redeem instructions: How to use your gift card 1. Activate it in the LKH app. 2. Go down to the store. 3. Check in at the box office. 4. Tell the clerk that you want to pay with the app. 5. Choose a gift card as a means of payment. 6. Swipe.

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