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Naver Pay KR

Naver Pay KR

Naver Pay is a simple payment system that pays through registered payment methods.

🇰🇷This card is available only in South Korea

Total Value: KRW 10000

Redeem instructions: If you register a coupon after visiting Naver Pay Home, it will be converted to Naver Pay Point. The coupon registration route is as follows.
*If you are not a Naver or Naver Pay subscriber, membership registration must be preceded.
1) Access Naver Pay Home (pay.naver.com)
2) Log in with Naver ID and password (required to agree to Naver Pay terms and conditions)
3) - PC: Home > Benefits, Coupons > Coupons > Naver Pay Point Coupons Registration > Enter Coupon Number
- Mobile (pay.naver.com): Naver Pay Home > Right Top Three Lines > Click Coupon on the bottom guitar/benefit section > Register a coupon for Naver Pay Point > Enter the coupon number
- Naver App: Naver Main > Left Top three-line Click > Naver Pay Click > Right Top three-line Click > Coupon Click on Other/Benefits at the bottom > Register Naver Pay Point Coupon > Enter Coupon Number
- Naver Pay App: Click on the upper right three-line > Click on the coupon for the lower guitar/benefit section > Register a coupon for Naver Pay points > Enter the coupon number

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