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L'Occitane SI

L'Occitane SI

A visit to the L’OCCITANE store is a real sensory journey from Provence to the Mediterranean coast, pampering all the senses with sophisticated fragrances and luxurious textures, and experiencing the Mediterranean ‘art-de-vivre’ - the art of enjoying life.

🇸🇮This card is available only in Slovenia

Total Value: EUR 20

Redeem instructions: **The Gift card is for single use only (it is not possible to redeem in part and use the rest later)**

+ The gift card is worthless until it is activated at the time of purchase.
+ The card cannot be exchanged for cash.
+ Submit the card to the cashier when paying for the purchase.
+ The credit on the card cannot be paid out in cash.
+ You can use the card to settle the full or partial value of the purchase.
+ Card misuse is a crime.
+ A lost or stolen card cannot be replaced.

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