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JCB Premo-digital JP

JCB Premo-digital JP

JCB PREMO DIGITAL is a digital gift that can be used at online shopping and websites of JCB PREMO member stores, and can be used at more than 300,000 stores nationwide including convenience stores and department stores by transferring the value to JCB PREMO Card.
Please click here to see detail.
※Shops that you can use JCB Card and JCB gift card is different.
※JCB promo card can be purchased in convenient shop.

🇯🇵This card is available only in Japan

Total Value: JPY 1000

Redeem instructions: 1.Click received URL
2.You will be redirected to the browser screen of JCB PREMO DIGITAL
*Terms of Use screen will appear for the first time only.
3.Keep「Card number」and「Certification Number」
4.Put 「Card number」and「Certification Number」 at online Sales Affiliates shops

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