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Intersport SI

Intersport SI

Intersport is the largest chain of sporting goods stores in the world. In Slovenia, they are present at more than 30 points of sale, including Ljubljana, Kamnik, Maribor and Novo mesto.

🇸🇮This card is available only in Slovenia

Total Value: EUR 20

Redeem instructions: **The activated card is for single use only (it is not possible to redeem in part and use the rest later)**

+ The gift card is worthless until it is activated at the time of purchase.
+ The card cannot be exchanged for cash.
+ Submit the card to the cashier when paying for the purchase.
+ The credit on the card cannot be paid out in cash.
+ You can use the card to settle the full or partial value of the purchase.
+ Card misuse is a crime.
+ A lost or stolen card cannot be replaced."

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