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Gift of College US

What is this eGift Card?
The Gift of College™ gift card is a perfect gift to help with the cost of education. It's a smart, easy and welcomed gift for baby showers, new arrivals, holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other milestones. It can be used to save for college or pay down student loan debt. 
What is GiftofCollege.com?
GiftofCollege.com is a free and easy-to-use gift registry that allows members to create a shareable profile through which they connect a 529 college savings or student loan account so that others can contribute toward the cost of education.
Watch this video to learn more: 
What if I don't have a college savings account?
No problem at all. If you don’t have a 529 college savings plan, you can begin your research using our resources at www.giftofcollege.com/saving-with-a-529

🇺🇸This card is available only in United States of America

Total Value: USD 25

Redeem instructions: How to Redeem your eGift Card
To redeem this eGift Card simply visit the redeem location on your eGift Card or visit GiftofCollege.com to create a new account or log into your existing account. Then visit your profile page to enter the eGift Card information.

Is this your first time saving for college?
No worries, follow these 4 simple steps to get started.
1. For 529 plans visit the redeem location on your eGift Card or GiftofCollege.com and register your child.
2. Find and start a 529 college savings plan.
3. Link your new or existing 529 college savings account to GiftofCollege.com.
4. Now redeem your eGift Card by logging into your GiftofCollege.com account and visiting your profile to enter the eGift Card information.
(For student loan payments visit GiftofCollege.com)

You are now saving for a college education.

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