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Dreamworks Spa UAE

Dreamworks Spa UAE

Where can you feel an incredible sense of Balinese tranquillity and wellness? Dreamworks Spa is the place to be! With a Dreamworks spa Gift Card you can allow a loved one to leave their troubles behind and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Who wouldn’t love a break and a chance to de-stress?

At Dreamworks Spa your loved ones will get a chance to experience “superior and original Balinese foot reflexology and massage treatments” as stated in their mission statement. A variety of services are offered such as the Warm Stone Massage, Balinese Head Massage, or a combination. The Four Hands Massage is also very popular in addition to the traditional Balinese massage, which will leave you feeling the utmost sense of relaxation. Why not try a Head and Neck Massage or the chance to experience these services in your very own home! The most professional and licensed massage therapists will aid your loved ones in this method of relaxation to reach an inner state of bliss. This spa has gained award winning recognition for its quality in service and value, so don’t worry, your family and friends will be in great hands, literally!

Treat your loved ones with the opportunity to feel peaceful and refreshed with a Dreamworks spa Gift Card. With ten different locations in Dubai, Dreamworks Spa will be very accessible and easy to reach. So what’s stopping you? Purchase this Gift Card and offer your friends a chance to unwind and experience true Balinese relaxation methods.

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Redeem instructions: This eGift Card is redeemable for any service offered by Dreamworks Spa Dubai, UAE.

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